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Chongqing Feiliks Won the Provincial Title of the “Specialized, Fine, Characteristic and Innovative” Small and Medium-sized Enterprise

In June, 2022, Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission released the ¡°list of ¡®specialized, fine, characteristic and innovative¡¯ small and medium-sized enterprises in Chongqing in 2022¡±, on which Chongqing Feiliks Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was included. “Specialized, fine, characteristic and innovative” enterprises have four advantages: specialized development strategy, fine management and production, characteristic products or services, and innovative technology or business model. They are an important support for the future industrial chain and the main force to strengthen and supplement the chain.

Winning this title indicates that Feiliks has been fully recognized in terms of professional technology, development potential and innovation ability, and builds an innovation benchmark in the logistics industry. Closely following the development trends, Feiliks has continuously integrated a variety of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G communication, GIS, digital twins, cloud computing, Internet of Things, robots and so on into the project development, and has strong core competitiveness in technological innovation, industry deepening, application and implementation.

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